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Hi there, I'm Lartu. This is my personal digital garden: the lartunet. I make games and open-source software. I love rainy days and exotic food. Last updated June 17, 2021. Online since November 29, 2015 and best viewed on any device.

You can send me email to lartu@lartu.net. My Twitter handle is @martulartu. My GitHub user is lartu. My itch.io account is also lartu. If you see another lartu somewhere that's also probably me.

I have written and published a number of videogames, mostly RPGs and visual novels. I also like developing programming languages and other computing stuff.

You might also be here for my research notes.

I enjoy public speaking very much and I've spoken at several conferences.

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There used to be a changelog around here but now it's gone.

low tech webring.

The lartunet is also part of the low tech webring. The site to the left of the lartunet is hazel's site, while the one to the right is Comet Pustój's.

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