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2021-05-23: walking around.

Second day in a row I'm writting in this log. Don't get used to it, but here's to keeping doing stuff now and then.

Today I had some free time, so I decided to go out and walk a little with no destination in mind. I just chose a road and walked to see what I could find. And find new things I did, which is always something good. Sadly, it wasn't drizzling anymore. I like when it does.

My original idea was to go out and buy some take-away coffee. While at home, I had cooked myself a plate of half-English mess, that's half a full English breakfast, without the English part and half the dish, so I wasn't feeling up for coffee anymore. I just went out for the walking part.

Image: L29P12— L29P12 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (1330 KiB, JPG)

A few blocks away from home I stopped at a plant shop. I wanted to buy a pot and some dirt for the leek I started growing yesterday, but due to the lockdown you couldn't go into the store, so I took note of their website to check their stock later. They sell pretty pretty pots.

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From there, I kept walking aimlessly. The streets were empty and quite silent. I like that. Also they were covered by leaves from yesterday's rain. I found an old storage building with a crane atop. I had never seen it. I have not seen many things in my neighbourhood. That's part of the reason I'm trying to go out more.

Image: M02T44— M02T44 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (2123 KiB, JPG)

Then I found a bar that looked quite nice. Of course, I hadn't been there before. When the people from the bar saw me taking photos of their shop, a waiter came out and gave me a take-away menu of the place. Great service. I may buy food there in the future.

Image: C83I31— C83I31 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (2743 KiB, JPG)

They also had a very pretty, old-school round sign outside. I don't know if I'd classify the place as a bar per sé, but the sign said bar, so that's the nomenclature I'm using.

Image: I03E58— I03E58 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (1130 KiB, JPG)

After that, I kept wandering about. I passed by a drug store and bought some antihistamines. If there's something I'm allergic to, it's every single thing. And I was running out, so that was a nice stop. I also bought a handheld electric massager. It was on sale and I like those things. I haven't tried it yet, though.

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Overall it was a very nice walk, I came back home refreshed and ready to carry on studying. Tomorrow we meet with the Eterspire development team to begin working on the content sprint. An afternoon spent world-building, a dream come true! And hopefully, an interesting day to talk about.

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