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2021-05-24: worldbuilding.

With my friend Tejo, we are working on this indie MMORPG called Eterspire. We are very close to releasing the second open-beta of the game. We are so excited about that!

I began developing Eterspire by myself in October last year. I've always wanted to make my own MMORPG! And so I did. I believe it was in February that I released the first beta. A lot of people signed up. Much fun was had. The game, however, was very limited, so I joined forces with Tejo to work on a second version. We spent the past four months tweaking the engine, adding new features and fixing my less-than-ideal code. And yesterday, we completed the last non-content-releated task, so today we met to discuss the actual content of the game. The world, its inhabitants, quests, treasures and monsters.

Image: H43G34— H43G34 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (1622 KiB, JPG)

We had an amazing time, ate lunch and brainstormed the weirdest ideas.

He has a cute, tiny cat. She spent the afternoon with us, too.

Image: A02N98— A02N98 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (1761 KiB, JPG)

At around 5 PM, the final sketches for the world were complete, so I left Tejo's house. On the way back to my apartment, I heard somebody calling me. Could you lend us a hand?, they said.

The calling voice was that of a mechanic from a car repair shop. His associates and him needed help pushing a car up a ramp and into their workshop. I grouped with them, along with an old-man that was also passing-by, and we got the vehicle into their shop. Fun! While not something that out of the ordinary, this was the kind of experience I was looking forward for. For a moment, I met new people and did something I never do in my usual routine. I regret not taking a picture with them for this article, but I didn't want to be a nuisance. Next time I will.

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The leaves on the street scattered by the storm from the other day were still there, although it seemed somebody had been cleaning them up. Autumn.

When I got home, I fired up my computer and began turning the ideas we'd discussed about into a reality. We are so close to the release, yet there's still so much to do. I can barely wait.

Image: M81A84— M81A84 (b&w version) (quantized 16C) - view original (3964 KiB, JPG)

Tomorrow we are going to a farmers' market and I'll meet my family for lunch afterwards, with strict sanitary precautions. I hope after all of that I'll have something new to write about.

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