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I separate videogames from general software as a matter of principle.

I tend to develop software that works on old software and unsupported operating systems as well as modern computing platforms. Older computers are incredible pieces of engineering that are still very powerful. Software nowadays is too bloated and energy hungry. Planned obsolescence is a thing.

Whenever possible, I like to develop software that's self contained and dependency free. Software that you can uninstall by just deleting the folder it is in.

The software I write is released for free and it's open-source. You are welcome to download it, study it, modify if, break it and fix it. And, if you want, to send a pull request to improve it for everybody.

My software runs, for the most part, on *nix systems. Other systems may or may not be supported on a case by case basis.

You are also welcome to visit my GitHub page.


Excal, the expense calculator, is a tool I created to keep track of my expenses.

Right now I'm working on Eterspire (Beta II).

legacy projects.

I've worked on multiple other programming projects. Most of these aren't maintained anymore.

I've decided to reduce the number of projects I work on and maintain to leave more time to work on more meaningful ones. Most of my legacy projects reinvent the wheel in some way or another. I now try to work on software that improves over existing alternatives; or on minimal, self-contained experiments.

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