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Hi! My name is Martín del Río and you are in my personal website, hosted from a Raspberry Pi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I keep this online as my personal server and repository of things I've worked on, so feel free to look around. If you want to get in touch with me, you can send me an email to mdelrio (at) dc.uba.ar, a tweet to @inkainis or a Telegram message to @Lartu and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can. Most of the projects I list here are open-source, so if you find anything you like and would like to branch, feel free to do so.

You can also find me on Git Exactas and Github.

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  1. Showcase: things I've made I'm very proud of.
  2. Other Projects: other things I've developed.
  3. Games & Toys: homemade videogames and other kinds of novelties.
  4. Academia: Spanish written section of academic material.
  5. Events: game jams and other events I organized.
  6. Talks and Lectures: talks and lectures I've given (mostly in Spanish).


LDPL (2019)
LDPL is a very simple language designed from the ground up to be excessively expressive and readable.
Tasksaur (2019)
Fast, no-nonsense online to-do checklist for people who value privacy and want to get things done.

My Projects

p5.clickable (2019)
p5.clickable is a p5.js library that lets you create and customize buttons and assign event based behaviours to them.
HTMLKoala (2019)
HTML preprocessor with features including file imports, variables, constants and timestamps. Documentation Due
ast (2018)
A command line tool designed to calculate the sum, mean, variance and standard deviation of a list of numbers passed through stdin.
Explicartu (2018)
A tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code and compiled to an HTML page that can be easily read. Documentation Partially Due
Lartype (2018)
A lightweight, easy to use, LaTeX inspired markup document editor. Documentation pending. Documentation Due
ShibaHug (2018)
PHP library that makes interfacing PHP with MySQL as easy as pie! Based on what we used to create Cretacity.
cpptrim (2018)
Simple string trimming function library for C++ (removes leading and trailing whitespace from strings). Single header file. Does what it says in the box.
ASM Formatter (2018)
Very simple automatic ASM code indentator.
LLAMA (2018)
16-bit x86 compatible programming language with support for variables, loops and conditional blocks, designed to aid the development of my operating system OrgaDOS. Documentation Partially Due
LartuIRCBot (2018)
Bot designed to connect Telegram groups with IRC groups, written in Node.js. Open source, easy to setup and easy to use!
Gallemathic (2017)
Notepad-like tool designed to ease math writing by computer.
Yiki.co (2016)
URL shortener. Used to be hosted on its own domain but it got taken down, so it's now here. With this new URL, it enlarges URLs instead of shortening them, though.
Cretacity (2016)
A dinosaur themed, 4chan-meets-reddit-like social network made with some friends during a trip to the beach. You are welcome to join!

Games & Toys

TCG Creature Name Generator (2018)
Random TCG creature card name generator with the potato launcher.
Chinese Proverb Generator (2018)
Pay heed and learn from the millenary knowledge of the ancients.
Mancala (2017)
Terminal C++ mancala game made in under an hour.
Eternal Lux (2014)
Quite successful old-school strategy RPG for Android. Designed to look like old Apple II or MS-DOS RPGs like Ultima. Downloaded by over 15.000 people!
Go! Go! Scarfcat! (2014)
The Flappy Bird fever was up and I didn't want to be left out, so I wrote this fun, cute and hard infinite runner for Android.
Castles on Fire (2014)
Not so proud of this one, but anyway. Simple Android game written in a few hours to test Processing for Android.
Aidinia - An Epic Adventure! (2013)
My first Android endeavour. Epic 8-bit-like RPG adventure full with monsters, quests and treasure!


S Language Interpreter (2019)
This is an interpreter written by me for the S Language created by Martin Davis, Ron Sigal & Elaine J. Weyuker for their book Computability, Complexity, and Languages: Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science.
Teoremas para el final de Análisis 2 (computación) (2017)
Listado de teoremas con demostraciones para el final de Análisis Matemático II.
Planilla de seguimiento (2017)
Planilla de seguimiento web para los seguimientos de Organización del Computador I.


Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam II (2018)
RPG Programming Jam that ran from September 14th 2018 to September 29th 2018. 85 people joined and made 13 games!
Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam (2018)
RPG Programming Jam that ran from March 3rd 2018 to March 10th 2018. 145 people joined and made 23 games!

Talks and Lectures

Aplicaciones multiusuario en 15 minutos con Firebase Database (2018)
Lecture on Google Firebase and how it can be used to develop and quickly deploy multiuser applications – Google DevFest Buenos Aires
De Boole a los Microprocesadores (2018)
Workshop on Boolean algebra and its relation to microprocessor development – Department of Computing, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Un Paseo por el Desarrollo de Software de Generación Estadística de Música (2017)
Workshop on statistical techniques for computer aided music composition software development – Department of Computing, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Musiqué, la Computadora que Compone Música (2017)
Presentation on Analysis and Statistics in the field of computer aided music composition – Semana de la Matemática – Department of Mathematics, Universidad de Buenos Aires

That's it

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