Heyo! Welcome to the lartunet, Lartu's corner of the internet. Here you'll find information about games and software I've worked on. Me? I make videogames and other code stuff. I love food and rainy days. Thank you for passing by!
This page talks mainly about my projects. This includes games and programming languages I've developed. I can also offer you my List of Cool Links.
Find me on X (Twitter), GitHub, and You can also send me e-mail to lartu at lartu dot net.
The source code for this website can be found here. It's written in WebSCFL.
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My Games

Eterspire: Journey Anew! (iOS & Android, 2024)

Eterspire: Journey Anew is a rework of most content from Eterspire (2023), focused on streamlining the gameplay experience and making it more welcoming to new players. It introduces a main storyline and multiple quality of life features that make the game much better.

Eterspire (iOS & Android, 2023)

A complete, graphically superior rewrite of Eterspire, focused on questing, befriending wacky characters, exploring, and upgrading your gear. We felt the game was now more suited for mobile devices, so we took the leap. Dubbed "the best mobile MMORPG in the history of the universe".

Eterspire (Web & Windows, 2022-2023)

No longer playable, link to archived version on the Wayback Machine.
Known initially as Eterspire - Beta II, it was a complete overhaul of Eterspire, focused on exploring a world and completing quests. It started as a hobby project with a friend before eventually becoming our full-time job. Offline since the release of Eterspire (2023).

Eterspire (Web, 2021)

No longer playable, link to archived version on the Wayback Machine.
A minimal MMORPG about exploring an infinite tower, fighting monsters, finding equipment, and climbing higher than everyone else. Made over the course of four months. Eventually replaced by Eterspire: Return of Salgaraak. Lovingly nicknamed "Eterspire: Beta I".

Soft Drizzle: B-Track (Windows & macOS, 2020)

A short visual novel about friendship and Halloween Festivals. Sequel to Soft Drizzle. Made in a month for the Spooktober Visual Novel Jam. Awarded Best Unity Submission.

Soft Drizzle (Web, 2020)

A short, 64x64 resolution visual novel about friendship and rainy days, made in 7 days for LOWREZJAM 2020. Full of typos, as the screenplay was written during a long, coffee fueled night writing session. I'd love to remake it someday.

Fateful Lore (Android & iOS, 2020)

Critically acclaimed retro-inspired RPG for Android and iOS devices. We found no RPGs on these platforms that looked and played the way we wanted, so we made one.

Eternal Lux (Android, 2014)

A mobile SRPG for Android Devices inspired by the Ultima games. Designed to be as lightweight as possible. Downloaded by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Aidinia: An Epic Adventure! (Android, 2013)

A mobile RPG for Android Devices inspired by Gameboy Color RPGs such as Dragon Quest I & II and Lufia.

Programming Languages & Esolangs

WebSCFL 🌎 (2024)

WebSCFL stands for Web Sectioned Command First Language. It's a programming language designed to make simple Prof. Dr. Style websites. This website is written and compiled using WebSCFL. As you can see, it can be heavily tweaked to customize the resulting webpages.

Polaris Twist 🍋 (2024)

Polaris Twist 🍋 is a refreshing stack-based, concatenative, interpreted programming language with strings as its only data type. It's a revision of my original Polaris, much faster and with Foreign Function Interface support. It has been designed to be small in size and minimal in language features. Written in C++98, so it can probably be compiled with any C++ compiler out there.

Nari (2023)

Nari (2023) is a new iteration of my Nari programming language. I develop it to relax, so I call Nari 'programming language programming as therapy'. Nari is inspired by Forth, or how I imagine Forth to be, as I've never written a single line of Forth. Nari is a weakly typed language. Its only data types are strings and integers. I don't know if it's fast or not (it probably isn't). I might expand it over time. I also might not.
Nari was also the guinea pig in the picture above (2012-2020).

Polaris (2020)

A minimal, experimental stack-based, concatenative, interpreted programming language with strings as its only data type. Written in C++98, designed to run on Unix systems, backported to MS-DOS.

LDPL (2019)

A COBOL-inspired programming language, designed to be expressive, readable, fast and easy to learn. Considered complete and in minimal evolution mode since LDPL 5.


This section links some things people have written about my projects.
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There are more out there, but I cannot find nor link them all, sorry!
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