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Google and Bing have become crappy. Every day I find it harder and harder to find stuff there. Some time ago I wrote a tweet stating that "I was a Google user, now it doesn't find anything. I moved to Bing a month ago, it's now become the same. It's all AI nonsense. It's time to go back to "Cool Sites" links on personal webpages. We've gone full circle." This is my response to that.

I've recently learned about Awesome Lists*. I don't think this qualifies as one. But here's some stuff I found interesting. I'm mostly into game design and development (particularly MMORPGs), so I expect to end up adding a lot of resources about that here. And other things. I hope you find it interesing too!

*Awesome Lists are curated lists of resources about a specific topic. These lists are often created and maintained by enthusiasts and experts in the respective field.

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